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New Website: Announced

2008-04-15 21:09:05 by FBI-06

HEY GUYS! havent been in ng for months, almost a year even.

ANyway, I promised I'll load up my web-site soon but because of a lack of data, information and confirmation about this web-site all of you probably already understood it is DEAD.

I started working on a new one a long time ago. Not a while ago I got an account for Deviantart and btw heres the layout:

[as you can see, the options are on the left, and also additional options to the right. These buttons can toogle on/off some of the graphic options - this is very useful if your computer is too slow or fast then you can solve this problem by changing the graphics options but Flash Player 8 or above is still required.
And yes, the clock does show the right time and also everything in this file is randomised which gives it realism and interesting]


New Website: Announced


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You called Krinkels 'Knickles' once ^_^